In partnership with the biggest foldable container (for Labor Camps & Site Offices) manufacturer in China – 2 factories (70,000 + 20,000m2) with a capacity of more than 60,000 units a year.

We are able to deliver the following services to our clients, building a long-term relationship, emphasizing on the quality of our products:

  • Implementation of the “turnkey ” solution for our clients in an integrated manner, including the Air Conditioning Systems, sanitary wares, showers…Etc. ranging from planning within the agreed time frame.
  • Design and implementation of the final technical specifications required by our clients, ending with the erection and supervision of a particular project.

  • Transfer and re- construction of the modular cabins from one site to another.

  • Maintenance of the modular cabins, including structures, roofing, plumbing and electrical works.

For big projects, we will send the units from China (1st shipment within 2 weeks after placing order). For small quantity requirements, we always have stocks available in Doha, Qatar. And for sure, we will send our team to install the units, providing turn-key solution as previously mentioned.

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